Want to lose weight?

Have you put on some weight due to lockdown?
Or is weight a problem you’ve been fighting for a long time?

Get the free report: 8 common weight loss mistakes

Are you feeling down due to the pandemic?

Struggling to cope with the new normal?
Are you scared of your loved ones catching the virus?
Or afraid you might lose your job?

Read this free pandemic well-being guide: 17 tips to stay well

Are you stressed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to start? Is stress slowly killing you?

Start with this free worksheet: Where am I stressed?

Do you have self-doubt?

Do you doubt yourself from time to time?
Or are you letting self-doubt ruin your life?

Start with this free video training: Are you making this No. 1 mistake that causes self-doubt?

Common weight loss mistakes

Want to lose weight?

Get the free report: 8 common weight loss mistakes


Are you feeling down due to the pandemic?

read more…


Is stress slowly killing you?

read more…

Do you doubt yourself from time to time?

read more…


A complete professionally designed hypnotherapy download programme that helps you lose weight with the least resistance

Now! Control Your Weight Programme

£199.00 £99.00


A PETLO download can help you make progress when confronted with a variety of problems which affect us all from time to time. Whether it’s dealing with stress, fixing some bad habits or being able to tackle the future with renewed confidence our products invoke the gentle power of hypnosis to help you. These products have been designed by a professional hypnotherapist to be easy to use and there are a number of free videos where we offer short answers to the types of questions most people have when they start with Help Yourself Hypnosis.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, hypnosis is very safe – it has been used for thousands of years often simply to allow people to completely relax. You cannot get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis or trance and in any case, we have a track at the end of most recordings that ensures you are fully awake. (Unless it is specifically designed to encourage you to fall asleep!) PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT SAFE to use these recordings while you are operating machinery or needing to be responsible for something or someone. You must be free to relax and immerse yourself in the recording in safe surroundings.

Do I have to be gullible or controlled by someone else to use hypnosis?

Quite the opposite, people who are good at trance can get real benefits that people who resist it do not get. For example, some people will successfully go along with the guided metaphors (stories) and benefit from the messages hidden within whereas others will resist and not get so much benefit from them.

I’ve seen stage hypnosis shows and I don’t want to be made to do anything like that, can you re-assure me?

Of course. Unfortunately for many people the only knowledge they have of trance is having seen stage hypnotism. As far as we are concerned at PETLO hypnosis should not be used by entertainment and we make sure that our products are designed to have some beneficial application as per the product description we supply with each product. All of the suggestions made to you will be positive and professional. As a matter of fact many qualified hypnotherapists undertake not to perform stage hypnosis and Pete at PETLO subscribes to this view.

I don’t think I can be hypnotised so can I get benefit from this kind of download?

It depends what you mean by hypnosis (or trance). If you’re capable of going along with an element of fantasy to enjoy or benefit yourself you can listen to these recordings and enjoy trance. If you ever day dream or sometimes catch yourself having done something on autopilot or you get engrossed in a film where things happen that can’t happen in reality then you can go along with our recordings and you should get benefit from them.

Can I hear the product before I go ahead and purchase?

Yes, each product has a short sample.

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