A book that caters to people’s hunger for practical wisdom.

8 Recipes for Life contains eight original, thought-provoking, and ready-to-use life lessons that can help you find fulfilment. It avoids a one-size-fits-all prescription by using worksheets to encourage you to find solutions which work for you in your individual situation.

Life is like cooking a meal; everyone has different ingredients and something unique to offer. This book helps us make the best meal with the ingredients we have in life.

Enjoy cooking the best meal of your life


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“…the next best thing to having your own life coach on call 24/7.”

“…a complete resource to personal transformation that should give readers the hope, confidence and momentum to change for the better.”

“Petlo assert an entirely original model to bridge the divide between the head and heart, ‘Head–Heart Dualism’, so that the two can co-operate harmoniously within a person…”

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