Coaching agreement

Coaching is a process to improve performance where a coach works with a client to help define the client’s goals and aspirations and facilitates a client-owned plan to work towards achieving these objectives. Coaches at PETLO want all their clients to be more fulfilled and happier at the end of the coaching agreement than at the start of it and they will do what it takes to help their clients achieve what they set their heads and their hearts on.

The coach will help the client review progress and develop actions to achieve the plan and can be available outside of formal coaching sessions to assist if required. Both parties need to accept that they have an investment and a role in a successful outcome.

This coaching agreement is designed to help ensure both parties understand and agree to their responsibilities.

1. Client and Coach may decide to alter dates as mutually agreed. However, if Client cancels a meeting within 48 hours the fee will still be payable. If Coach cancels a meeting in the same timescale the replacement session will be provided free of charge unless the reason for the cancellation is that Client has not provided information or action that they promised to.

2. Client will add Coach on Skype with the Skype link (@realpetlo) when booking an appointment so Coach can call Client on Skype at the scheduled appointment time.

3. If Client is more than 15 minutes late for the coaching session, Coach will assume the session is cancelled and Client will forfeit the session fee.

4. Coach has the right to withdraw from the coaching relationship at any time if they think that Client can no longer benefit from the coaching. If this occurs, Coach will refund Client any pre-payment of coaching sessions that did not occur. 

5. Coach and Client will jointly develop a coaching plan in the session based on Client’s outcomes for and include dates of further meetings. One starting point for the coaching plan will be Client’s completed worksheets from 8 Recipes for Life, another might be a mutually agreed pre-coaching task.

6. Coach agrees to facilitate and Client agrees to follow the coaching plan. Client will inform Coach if actions will not be completed on time and both will agree actions to put the plan back on track.

7. Coach agrees to spend appropriate amount of time in preparation for meetings with Client.

8. Client understands that the results of any coaching will depend on their ability to take action and to follow the coaching plan to the best of their abilities, communicate clearly with the Coach, and to take responsibility for the results achieved. The responsibility for taking the actions in the agreed plan is Client’s alone as no one else can perform them.

9. Client agrees that Coach may assign tasks to be done in between coaching sessions, and that Client will give their best effort to fulfill these tasks. Any tasks will be reasonable in terms of the effort required and the time Client has to devote to them.

10. If Coach ever says or does anything in a session that Client doesn’t feel comfortable with or if they have any concern with the way Coach is working, Client will let Coach know as soon as possible. For the coaching to be effective, honesty is needed.

11. Client agrees to share with Coach all issues on which Client needs assistance. Client agrees that issues not shared with Coach may not be resolved or may impede the successful achievement of the planned goals and objectives. Coach agrees to use best efforts to assist Client to resolve issues shared with Coach and also agrees to full confidentiality.

12. The coaching relationship is built on trust. Coach agrees to keep all information about and conversations with Client private and confidential. No personal ideas, information, thoughts or experiences expressed by Client will be shared with anyone without the permission of Client. Confidentiality is Client’s right, regardless of who is paying the coaching fees. 
From time to time, Coach may share the nature of the coaching session, without any Client identifying details, with either another coaching professional or mentor for the purpose of Coach seeking guidance or with students and readers for educational purposes.

Confidentiality exceptions include:
a. Information requested through a court order or subpoena
b. If Client is a danger to themselves or others
c. When the coaching session is being recorded (Coach is required to make Client aware if the 
session is being recorded.)

13. Client understands that Coach is not providing psychological or medical advice, this should be sought from a specialist provider if required.

14. Coaching results are not guaranteed. Client enters into the coaching with the full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results.


By submitting this form you confirm that you agree to the terms of the PETLO coaching agreement.

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