(Guaranteed to help you transform your love life)

Have you had enough of the failed romantic relationships, all the drama, and realised that the only thing you truly have control over is yourself?

Do you recognise yourself as one of the following?

  • You’re single now and your previous relationships never really worked. You’d like to finally meet someone who is compatible with you. Your goal is to find a suitable love interest within 12 weeks.
  • You’re single now. You had good relationships before. But there was also a bad experience that made you feel it’s better not to believe in the dream of another great relationship. You’re not sure if you bother with having a relationship anymore but deep down you know you yearn one. Your goal is to release the past, focus on a future that will make you truly happy, and to attract a suitable love interest within 12 weeks.
  • You’re in a relationship now and you don’t know whether you want to continue with it… Your goal is to gain clarity and take decisive actions to either transform your relationship or end it, within 12 weeks.

What if, in 12 weeks, you can finally…?

  • …get off the ‘Find true love’ treadmill, attract a suitable love interest, and make your relationship work the next time around; OR
  • …let go of that relationship which changed you forever, give yourself a chance to be truly happy again; OR
  • …transform your current relationship which isn’t fulfilling, or to have the courage to end it and move onto a brighter future

I am Elaine of PETLO. While I am extremely lucky with my love life it hasn’t always been that way…

I managed to make changes in myself and attracted blissful love into my life. Lots of people aren’t that lucky – but it’s not all about luck – it’s also about systematically working on what’s not right and this is how Love Life Coaching can help you in 12 weeks.

Over 12 weeks, we’re going to do this together

Love Life Coaching is a 1:1 mentor-coaching programme which consists of 4 key pillars to help you transform your love life in just 12 weeks.

1: Build awareness – What am I doing well already?
We will look at our strengths in relationships so we can continue to do what we do well and build on these assets in our current or next relationship. (We may think it’s obvious but it’s 99% likely that we have hidden assets we’re not aware of.)

2: Identify underlying patterns – What went wrong?
We will dive deep and identify our underlying pattern based on our past relationships, so we can shift it and consciously create a fulfilling relationship without falling back into those old routines that don’t work.

3: Remove the baggage – Am I ready?
We will clear out our emotional baggage so we can embark on a new relationship or restart our current relationship with a clean slate.

4: Develop essential skills – What will I do?
We will develop the 5 essential skills necessary for healthy long-term relationships so we know how to deal with challenges and keep the relationship alive not just on sunny days but also on rainy days.

And your results are guaranteed! 

If you’re single, I guarantee you’ll hit your goal of finding a suitable love interest within 12 weeks.

If you’re currently in a relationship you’re not sure about, I guarantee you’ll hit your goal of gaining clarity and taking decisive actions to either transform your relationship or end it, within 12 weeks.

I guarantee that this programme will work for you. I am so confident in my method that by the end of the programme, if you have done the assignments and haven’t hit the above goal, I will continue to work with you for free until you do.

Love Life Coaching is by application only

Since this is a guaranteed programme, I’ll ask for some information during the application process and we’ll have a discovery call afterwards to see if make sure we’re a right fit for each other.

Apply for Love Life Coaching now
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What others say

Elaine is a fantastic coach who helped me break through my self-limiting belief that “I wasn’t good enough”. Her wonderful, kind and calm manner put me at ease straight away. She was so intuitive and figured out the problem before I’d even realised what was causing me to feel the way I did. She reframed my issues so I could start seeing myself in a more positive light. I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough as a coach.

Malvi Patel

United Kingdom

I always struggled with relationships. They always started out well but soon ran into trouble and that was emotionally very draining for me. I put everything into the relationship and yet I never seem to get it right. At one point I pretty much gave up hope of ever finding love. Elaine and Pete opened my eyes to where I was going wrong. I was resistant at first and I had in the past tended to blame other people for things not working or in some cases being really hard on myself. Elaine knew exactly the right questions, she never judged or criticized me and was always supportive of the changes that I wanted to make. It was the best decision I ever made and now I have a great partner that I love very much. This time I am doing things very differently than before and that is all down to Elaine and Pete.

Thomas de Brun

Hong Kong

“Don’t brood. Get on with living and loving.
You don’t have forever.”

— Leo Buscaglia

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

— Rumi

Apply for Love Life Coaching now
and schedule a call

Apply for Love Life Coaching now
and schedule a call

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