Enjoy this recording which helps in two ways: 1. it helps you relax and 2. it gives you tools to manage the specific situations that cause you anxiety or fear in the ‘new normal’.

Enjoy this 88-minute recording which helps you in two ways:

1. It helps you relax – this is beneficial because it tends to displace any anxiety. We can’t really ‘do’ relaxation AND fear at the same time so this is a good way to take a peaceful break, away from worry.

2. It gives you tools to manage the specific situations that cause you anxiety or fear. This allows us to learn some different ways of behaving when our anxious situations arise, so we can function in the ‘new normal’ without the fear.

This recording has a worksheet to help you pinpoint exactly what your fears are in the ‘new normal’, what triggers them and then lets you work on the solutions which we then embed during the hypnosis element.

This recording has two hypnosis tracks. Track 3a allows you to do just the relaxation element and then drift off to sleep or you can choose track 3b which also has the routines to allow you to control anxiety.

(Note: The 88-minute product length includes Track 3a which is basically the relaxation element that is also found in Track 3b, so the unique content within this product amounts to 63 minutes.)

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What’s in the box:

Instructions document

Audio track 1 – General introduction

Audio track 2 – Specific introduction

Audio track 3a – Hypnosis recording

Audio track 3b – Hypnosis recording

Audio track 4 – Summary


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