Designed to gently encourage you to drift off to sleep, this recording features the voices of Elizabeth Clarke (an experienced psychotherapist) and Pete of PETLO. Included is a worksheet to help optimise your sleep environment.

This 60-minute recording features our guest Elizabeth Clarke telling an original metaphorical story, delivered with a superbly hypnotic voice. Elizabeth is an experienced psychotherapist who has been helping clients for many years in her South Manchester psychotherapy practice. It is complemented by a story from Pete who is PETLO’s hypnotherapist. He also discusses common sleep issues and the product comes with a 2-page worksheet so you can tune-up your sleeping environment to give yourself the best chance of a peaceful night’s sleep.

This version has been specifically designed for men – there is another product produced for female listeners. Please enjoy using this recording to help you get back to a regular and pleasing sleep pattern.

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What’s in the box:

Instructions document

Audio track 1 – General introduction

Audio track 2 – Specific introduction

Audio track 3 – Hypnosis recording

Audio track 4 – Summary


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