Define and plan to achieve your goals by using the worksheet and hypnosis recording to get on track and get motivated to succeed.

NOW! Enjoy planning a more fulfilling future knowing that the comprehensive worksheet can help you specify a compelling and detailed goal while the power of hypnosis can help you get motivated to succeed. This 104-minute recording together with its 8-page worksheet is a great way to start taking action and accomplishing your dreams. You can return to the worksheet and use Track 3a whenever you want to update or change your goal while Track 3b helps you stay focused until you reach your goal, so this is a product that can be used over and over again to help you achieve the different goals you have at different times in your life.

(Note: The 104-minute product length includes Track 3b which is a shorter and adapted version of Track 3a; the unique content within this product amounts to 70 minutes.)

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What’s in the box:

Instructions document

Audio track 1 – General introduction

Audio track 2 – Specific introduction

Audio track 3 – Hypnosis recording

Audio track 4 – Summary


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