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Elaine is a fantastic coach who helped me break through my self-limiting belief that “I wasn’t good enough”. Her wonderful, kind and calm manner put me at ease straight away. She was so intuitive and figured out the problem before I’d even realised what was causing me to feel the way I did. She reframed my issues so I could start seeing myself in a more positive light. I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough as a coach.

Malvi Patel

United Kingdom

Hatim Aloufi

Saudi Arabia

Have worked with Pete for some years and found him a great breath of fresh air. He brings commercial realism to the arena and always adds great value to customers. He also has this rare gift of getting to the heart of an issue and then focusing on what matters.

Tim Little

United Kingdom

Thanks again Pete, this was the best course I have done during my 19 years at NMUK (and that’s a lot of courses!!!)

A Sansom

United Kingdom

Elaine is gifted in creating rapports with the participants and she has provided guidance to the participants throughout the training. Her amiable qualities have made her a trainer who is able to translate her trainer message to the floor effectively. I assure that Elaine is a trainer who could perform professional and credible trainings in any fields.

Karin Li

Hong Kong

Morning all, Firstly, Pete survey all completed. Thank you for your wonderful coaching and for making the two days so worthwhile, enjoyable and for personally pushing me out of my comfort zone. Thanks again!


United Kingdom

(Translated summary: Thanks Mr Pete for coming to our company to train us. Through the three trainings, I got many takeaways. I will transfer what I’ve learnt to my colleagues to improve our department’s performance.

Monica Yang


Pete, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you – this is a genuine and sincere thanks, I really do believe you have awoken a drive and a want in me, and this you have done by not just delivering the course content but by being an extremely good tutor. I have never come across a tutor (and I have done a lot of training in my RAF days) that can engage with a full room of people, there was a want and a need to get as much information out of you as opposed to the normal clock watching and not really having time to listen. Kindest regards.

M McCurdie

United Kindgom

Frau Elaine Lo war äusserst sicher und bestimmt in ihrem Auftreten, hatte hervorragende Umgangsformen und zeigte ein gesundes Selbstvertrauen. Aufgrund ihres Entgegenkommens und ihrer Aufgeschlossenheit war sie bei den Kollegen und Kolleginnen uns insbesondere bei den Studenten und Studentinnen in höchstem Grade beliebt und geachtet. (Translation: Ms Elaine Lo appeared extremely secure and certain, had excellent manners and showed healthy self-confidence. Because of her goodwill and openness, she was loved and respected to the fullest by our colleagues und especially by our students.)

Debby Yang


Elaine has the ability to build rapport with participants and engage them with her powerful communication skills through both speech and body gesture. When i took part in her training course in China, she had everyone’s full attention and even the most difficult and unwilling participant became fully engaged and spoke highly of her in the end. I guess her friendly smile and open attitude for all kinds of inputs (there were some weird ones) makes a difference too!

Eva Lo

Hong Kong

Elaine has the rare gift of empathy and kindness; the ability to put herself into other people’s position and see their side of things. As a coach, this is an invaluable asset, enabling her to motivate each of her clients from a different angle and engage with them according to their own personal needs.

Maria Sommerhalder


I worked with Pete when part of his role was to develop graduates entering IBM. He is a hugely intelligent and knowledgable man, and when this is coupled with his quick humour, he provides an excellent environment in which people can learn. He has keen insight and is quick to get to the root cause of a situation. Plus he likes rock climbing, which is always a good thing in my book!

Miles Peacock

United Kindgom

Pete is one of those people every organisation needs and I really loved working with him at Ufi/learndirect. He is committed, caring, creative and honest. He is also brilliant at handling relationships and stakeholders and he has a great sense of humour too.

Dr. Ann Limb CBE

United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Elaine showed her strong passion to help the participants to grow. This passion helped her to engage the participants’ emotions and therefore ultimately helped them to achieve breakthrough. She is a powerful communicator with strong connection with the participants.

Catherine Chai


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